Benefits Of Lounge Cleaning And The Cleaning Methods To Be Used

Benefits Of Lounge Cleaning And The Cleaning Methods To Be Used

Most of us engage in regular household cleaning but cleaning and maintaining our furniture is something that we do not regularly do. Cleaning your lounges and sofas is a very important part of household cleaning. If you do not regularly clean your lounges, they will be swarming with bacteria, pathogens and dirt. Your lounges will look unattractive and unclean with the numerous spills and grime on them.

Benefits Of Lounge Cleaning And The Cleaning Methods

Benefits of lounge cleaning

You derive numerous benefits by cleaning your lounge including:

  • Making it look spick and span and comfortable for guests.
  • Removing the various pollutants and allergens which constitute a health hazard.
  • Removes all musty smells and foul odours.
  • Eliminates all stains and blemishes making your lounge look fresh and bright.
  • When you use expert services like Fine Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane for cleaning your sofas and lounges, you save time, it is convenient and you get your lounges professionally cleaned at a reasonable cost.
  • DIY Cleaning means you may have to buy specialised products at an extra cost

Some precautions to observe while doing DIY cleaning

  • Use decorative covers to cover your sofas and lounges. This will help to keep off most of the dirt and debris off your valuable furniture
  • Make it a point to regularly vacuum your furniture. Make it a part of your weekly routine when you do regular household cleaning
  • When you see spatters and stains on your lounge, ensure that you attend to them immediately.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s fabric care instructions to clean and maintain your lounges and sofas.
  • Don’t place your furniture in the path of direct sunlight. This will cause the upholstery fabric to fade and look disfigured.

Some DIY methods of cleaning your lounges

  • The first step of DIY cleaning starts with vacuuming your sofas and lounges. Make sure that you vacuum all the crevices, nooks and corners of your lounge and sofas. Pay particular attention to the seams and edges of your lounge while vacuuming. This will eliminate all the surface dust and debris.
  • Lounge cleaning processes vary according to the type of textile whether natural, manmade or animal skin. The cleaning methodologies and chemicals used will also vary depending on this.
  • When you remove stains and spatters, you have to customise your cleaning methods according to the fabric type, the cause of the stain etc. While cleaning the stains, you have to make sure to rub them in small, circular motions in a gentle manner. If you rub back and forward, you risk tearing the fabric. Also, remove all the remnants of the cleaning agents used. Wipe with a damp cloth. Blot the lounge fabric completely to remove all traces of water on the upholstery fabric. If you leave the lounge fabric damp, you run the risk of fostering mould growth. For stubborn and difficult-to-remove stains, call in your professional cleaners like Lounge Cleaning Brisbane to attend to them immediately. This is a cheaper option than undertaking costly repairs and replacements of your priceless furniture.
  • If there is mould growth on lounge fabric or pet urine on your lounge fabric, the fabric emanates foul and musty smells. A solution of baking soda is very useful when you apply it to areas of stains or mould growth. Leave the baking soda solution for some time to ensure an effective solution. The stain elements will bubble up. You can even clean the dried and encrusted elements easily.
  • For a thorough, deep cleaning of your furniture, call in professional cleaning services like Upholstery Cleaning Services Brisbane. We use specialised cleaning methods like steam cleaning and dry cleaning. The advantage of steam cleaning is that it is a sustainable method of cleaning. It does not use abrasive and toxic chemicals and detergents. Instead, it relies only on the steam generated by the steam machine to completely clean and root out dust and contaminants like dust mites and mould etc. Also, most of the water/steam is completely suctioned out after the completion of the process. That is why the process is also known as the hot water extraction method.
  • Mould removal methods: Black mould growth on your furniture is a pernicious contaminant and can cause several allergies and respiratory illnesses. You can remove black mould on your furniture using any of the following ingredients:
    • Hydrogen Peroxide can remove not only mould but also bacteria, dust mites and other pathogens.
    • Vinegar is an acid which can get rid of eight out of ten species of mould. Mix a little baking soda for more effective results.
    • Baking soda is an effective remedy which removes mould and smelly odours in one stroke.
    • You can mix Tea tree oil in some water and spray it over the furniture
    • Borax is a chemical found in most pesticides and fungicides. If you have small children or pets at home, use this carefully. Otherwise, this is also an effective protection against mould.
    • Either spray or apply with a brush over your furniture for an easy solution to get rid of mould infestations on your furniture.


Cleaning a lounge, sofas and other furniture in your living room can be demanding work. If you do not have time in your busy schedule, don’t hesitate to call expert lounge cleaners like Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane for a quick, efficient and affordable service. We provide a reliable, friendly, speedy upholstery cleaning service at a reasonable cost.

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